Dying Awkward Angel is a death metal band from Turin (Italy), founded in 1998 by Edoardo Demuro and Ivan Longo (Hydra). With the cooperation of Alessandro Iraci (My People's Suicide), Alessandro Benedetto (Mainline) and Federico Fiore (Axtra) they recorded in 2001 the first demo cd called "Dying Awkward Angel". This record gets great results providing the band many concerts throughout northern Italy, as well as being named Top Demo on the "Metal Shock" magazine.
Federico Fiore leaves, and Daniele Porfido (Rosa Antica) takes his place: in 2004 the band is back in studio to record "Ghost At The Spine," a disc that shows great improvements.
In 2008, after many changes, the newline up is: Edoardo Demuro, Ivan Longo, Benny Bianco Chinto (Disarmonia Mundi), Cosimo De Nola (Broken Art) and Sergio Costa (Art of Darkness). They recorded "Flying Through My Head", a single that gained limited success due to the subsequent dissolution of the band.
After a radical change of formation, in January 2010, the band finds itself with in a more steady lineup: Edoardo Demuro, Luca Pellegrino (Highlord, HBM, Housebreakers), Lorenzo Asselli (HBM, 20 Strings), Daniele Veronese (Highlord, HBM) and the new young and talented frontman Joshua Baecke (Grotesque Death, We Survived The Maya). In 2013 the first full length album "Waiting For Punishment" is finally out! An "on stage" season comes and, after the leaving of Daniele Veronese, it starts an hard research for a new sound. After a quest for the right new bassman, in autumn 2015 Davide Onida takes over, and in April 2016 the new E.P. "Madness Rising" is ready!

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